You can and you will make it happen

~ Cassandra Rudge


Why you hate being ignored and why you SHOULDN’T care

Being ignored is as enjoyable as being spat in the face or cursed at. No one likes to feel insignificant ...
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Go with the flo (food lovers only) this Hari Raya

flo (food lovers only) is a halal-certified, casual dining café at IMM that features a melting pot of cuisines. What ...
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Yann Beyrie got me looking so HAIRLICIOUS!

So I’d been walking around with hair-fatigue for a couple of months before I found Yann Beyrie at Wisma Atria ...
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Today I agreed to accompany a friend to an audition but when we arrived, I was not allowed in and the only ...
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iSHOP iDRESS iCELEBRATE this Mother’s Day with iROO

Becoming a mother means becoming a protector, a disciplinarian, a role model, a confidant, a Best Friend and sometimes even an ...
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Going nuts over Nutella Crepes @Eataly, Dubai Mall

Screw comfort food and give me SEXY FOOD instead! I’ve had a sweet tooth since the day I was conceived. Chocolate in any form ...
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